Days and Days

I have been living near the San Antonio River for two years now. Even with near daily visits, the grandeur of the River never fails to impress itself upon me. As I stand stationary and watch all manner of things drift by me I imagine being able to pick any object out of the flow. I take that object or sound or iamge and hold it, examine it, absorb it, then place it back into the river and let it re-assimilate itself back into its familiar, but ever-changing environment. This almost metaphorical process has been my method of gathering the bits of sound, video and scraps you see before you today. The size of a river is nearly impossible to measure, it is in constant flux, and so I chose to shrink that impossibility down to a few measured sounds and images. Over the past year on my walks I gathered anything that caught my eye or alerted my ear. I took the flotsam into the studio and began to look for connections between the objects. The conversations began formally; for instance if I took a detailed up-close audio recording, then I would want to examine the materials in an up-close and detailed manner as well. Working through the formal compositions a space began to open for some of the conceptual links to take shape. The river as a life, the life of materials and sounds, re-cycling patterns of nature, the lack of material recycling, the unrelenting drive of both humans and nature, and the familiar way that a river/life entropically massages all material into a smoother version of its once rougher self. This body of work is a continuation of my investigation in the American landscape. I am giddy at how a thoughtful examination of the banal stuff we experience here in San Antonio mirrors what is happening not only in other spots in North America, but globally as well. Hope you enjoy it too.