Excerpt from email sent to curator Xochi Solis-

Title of the show is:

The piece being site inspired begins at the two center windows at the rear of the space. The glass and steel architectural detail is an interesting anomaly, in what is an otherwise clean gallery space. The windows being made of glass and steel are transparent and fixed, so I wanted to contrast those properties by creating 6 projections screens that are the exact same size as the windows, and move those forms forward into the space. The screens are made of wood and paper rendering them reflective with the projections. The images on the screens are profiles of the new condo/skyscapers that have been popping up in Austin over the past 5 years. I have been videoing these buildings indirectly, by only shooting them through a reflection; more specifically I am using reflections shot through glass and reflections through water. These type of buildings have drastically changed the Austin skyline, and yet are the constructed with same materials as the VAC itself so I wanted to examine them in a formal/structuralist way, but filtered. So by looking at the buildings only through reflections I get the fragmented and filtered ghosts of the form multiplied by many other echos of structures evident in the reflection as well. So on each of the screens will be details of buildings (on the left channel glass on the right channel water) and when all viewed together the six will be visually recombining those outside landscapes into new structures inside the VAC space. Along those same lines the sound piece is meant to re-enforce the idea of a different landscape being brought into the VAC. The sound piece is being made up of three sounds, the back-up beepers from a construction site, a mocking bird and a synthesizer bleep. I think all three elements really speak to our current landscape here in Texas, as do the videos as well. Our landscape is changing, so with this piece I get to participate in that change, effect it visually and audibly, and overlay the three spaces to see what forms from their combination.