It Is a Natural Black, Sprinkled With Cosmic Iridescence.

The piece on the sidewalk is site inspired and site derived (the lines coming from the space, the recordings coming from nearby). I feel that is important because it directly influenced and informed my formal and sonic compositions. My exploration of the local in this case directly relates to my general interest in the American Landscape and Americana in general. Just as Alan Lomax's field recordings played for us parts of our nation we hadn't heard, I too am interested in recording a part of our local environment (some would say a problematic part) and sharing that (the unmediated recordings). The mediated sounds and the visual forms are my way of proposing what sounds and shapes we could encourage as opposed to trying to rid ourselves of them. It too was a chance to explore and experiment with the differences between visual form, and sonic form. The visual forms are quite simplistic and straight forward, while the form the sounds make are totally dynamic, skewed, and tweaked.