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  1. The Blue Hole Calls | 2018

    Using both a hydrophone and a stereo microphone I recorded the underwater and abovewater sounds of the San Antonio River. These…

  2. Nashville Performance

    This show was about infusing everyday objects with sounds. For the performance I generated all of the audio with two items found i…

  3. No Idea Festival 2014

    This is an edited clip from my performance at the 2014 No Idea Festival. Thanks JC for the video!

  4. English Sparrows Oscillators Ice Cream Trucks

    This is an edited take from a performance in San Antonio. This night featured CM Von Hauswolff, Leif Elggren, Rick Reed, Smokey Em…

  5. I'd LIke To Teach The World To Sing

    Portable Columbia GP-3 Plastic Turntable, Bobby McFerrin Record. Monday morning after a holiday weekend, I sat downtown and quie…

  6. I'd LIke To Teach The World To Sing

    Near Court House

  7. I'd LIke To Teach The World To Sing

    Near the bank

  8. Optional Obstacles

    Performance excerpt

  9. Optional Obstacles

    Video, fence posts, bailing wire, wire cutters, modified contact mics, sine wave generator, acrylic and vinyl on fiberboard. dimen…

  10. Optional Obstacles

  11. Video Still of Turntable Performance

    3 turntable performance using prepared and altered folk records. 30 minutes the opening night. Crocheting Video actor and Homemade…

  12. Performance detail

    Soundtrack to Meditation on a North Flowing River was performed live on the opening night.