1. Connected To The Blue Hole | 2018

    Sound and Video of the San Antonio River

  2. Synthesizer Performances| 2014 – Present

    recent performances with my modular synth

  3. I Ain't Gonna Hate No More (A Raft For All Mix) | 2017

  4. Sound Enriched Objects | 2016

  5. The Future is Unmade | 2016

  6. Going On Going | 2016

    Solo Show at Blue Star Contemporary

  7. Strange Sparrows Have Built a Nest in My Chimney | 2015

    Site specific piece for a fireplace. Used processed field recordings of sparrows and a transducer in the chimney.

  8. The Young Die Before The Old | 2015

    Removed every other note from the March, "The National Emblem" by Edward Bagley, slowing the tempo down for a one legged solider

  9. Why Do Birds Sound Like Car Alarms Now | 2015

    Three channel electro-acoustic sound installation recorded at Hemisfair and processed by the artist

  10. Huntington Library Project | 2015

    Site derived sound piece for the Visitors Center

  11. 2 Tracks| 2014

  12. Vibrational Series| 2013-Present