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  1. The Future is Unwritten

    Blank audio tape, Reel to Reel player.

  2. Going On Going

    Wood, Copper, Time, Electricity, Amplifier, Contact Microphone, Speaker, PA Horn. 12' x 5' x 5' 2016

  3. I’ll Send The Message Along The Wires

    Think of this space as graph paper. It is neutral and cold so that it can clearly chart the buzzing lines of this sound/memory col…

  4. The Idle Role of An Action Hero

    Vin Mahogany, stainless steel muffler,160 watt amplifier, 60 watt 6 ½” loudspeaker. Vocal samples taken from Vin Disel’s character…

  5. The Idle Role of An Action Hero

  6. The Idle Role of An Action Hero

    Arnold Wood form, metal cladding, stainless steel muffler, black rubber, 160 watt amplifier, 60 watt 6 ½” loudspeaker. Vocal sampl…

  7. Breaking the Waves

    These ceramic objects were constructed based on waveforms (sine, saw, square, etc). Each of the waveform’s sound was then put into…

  8. Breaking the Waves

    detail of sine wave form

  9. Tone Float (Black Sound mix)

    video excerpt

  10. Tone Float (Black Sound mix)

    The spark for this sound piece came from Mr. Ron Binks. His images of the Holocaust sites and memorials are arresting for what the…

  11. Tone Float (Black Sound mix)

    Dimensions variable Organ, drum machine, effects processor, power amp, crossover, two loudspeakers, subwoofer, straps, wood and el…

  12. Optional Obstacles

    Performance excerpt

  13. Optional Obstacles

    Video, fence posts, bailing wire, wire cutters, modified contact mics, sine wave generator, acrylic and vinyl on fiberboard. dimen…

  14. Optional Obstacles

  15. Our Collapsed Star


  16. Our Collapsed Star

    Turntable, antique phonograph horn, copper tubing, wood, metal cladding, subwoofer, single pressing 10” record playing Billy Holid…

  17. A hope well

    Papier-mâché, Virginian tobacco, spring reverb, contact mic, amplifier. 6’ x 76” diameter

  18. Flux Raft

    Pine, Douglas Fir, Red Cedar, Oak, Hickory, Spruce (Woods carried along the Mississippi River), projection screen, map, Confederat…

  19. YewTreeGate, CoalTape

    Sounds from a Coal Plant, Reel to reel tape player, speakers, fir. 8’ x 12’ x 1”

  20. YewTreeGate, CoalTape

    Detail of the tape loop. The total loop was 12 seconds long.

  21. Relection and Response (3rd Attempt)