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The Blue Hole Calls | 2018

Using both a hydrophone and a stereo microphone I recorded the underwater and abovewater sounds of the San Antonio River.

These recordings then generated all of the other sounds and the video you see.

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Nashville Performance

This show was about infusing everyday objects with sounds. For the performance I generated all of the audio with two items found in our junk drawer. A plastic measuring cup and a small tin box. Each object had a contact mic and were being struck by solenoid motors that I controlled with a touch pad.

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No Idea Festival 2014

This is an edited clip from my performance at the 2014 No Idea Festival. Thanks JC for the video!

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English Sparrows Oscillators Ice Cream Trucks

This is an edited take from a performance in San Antonio. This night featured CM Von Hauswolff, Leif Elggren, Rick Reed, Smokey Emery

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I'd LIke To Teach The World To Sing

Portable Columbia GP-3 Plastic Turntable, Bobby McFerrin Record.

Monday morning after a holiday weekend, I sat downtown and quietly played Bobby McFerrin’s: “Don’t Worry Be Happy” for salarymen and women going to work in an effort to use Pop Music’s inherent hooks to subliminally alter these men and women’s day for the better.

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Optional Obstacles

Performance excerpt